Review – Is There Free Claimrbx Codes?

With so many websites promising to give you free Robux for Roblox, we have yet again found another one that looks legit, and that site is none other than The website is straightforward. This no-nonsense platform lets you download different apps on your mobile phone, complete a few surveys, and watch some videos to start earning Robux. As simple as it sounds. To get started, users need to visit the official website and enter the Roblox username that you already have.


Use this site to get free robux =>

No one needs to create an account to start earning Robux here. If you already have an account with Roblox, then you are good to go. The site never asks for your password, all you need to enter is the username, and you are all set to make Robux! The site Roblox is a popular gaming site where developers frequently upload new games to play for the players. This is the reason why this site has over 70 million dedicated players. Now since there are too many games to play, it is obvious to gauge that some of them will have in-app purchases! But why to pay for those in-app purchases from your pocket, when you can make Robux right here and spend them on the Roblox platform!


Why is Claimrbx popular?


Unlike other Robux making sites, this one is free and legit. It doesn’t ask for any password, and you get to start earning Robux by only entering your Roblox username. They have a very straightforward website with no annoying ads popping out on the screen, asking you to become their member.


All you need to do is link your Roblox account. You will never have to submit your Roblox password. Once done, you are all set to try out the different tasks, for example, you can watch some online videos to earn rewards, you can download some applications on your mobile phone and earn or else, the final one which gives you the most payout, you can complete a few surveys. These are the only three tasks that you can take part in and have fun making Robux.

There is no way to encash the rewards that you earn, but you can use them on the Roblox platform to buy items that will help you level up fast on certain games. That way, you will never have to worry about spending real money.


Is claimrbx safe?


Yes, the site 100% legit and safe. The platform has only one agenda, and that is to let you give you a secure place from where you can easily earn Robux without worrying about your account details safety, and anything else. This site works seamlessly, and you can earn as much Robux as you want.




Our score for claimrbx is ten on ten, mainly because this site is legit, and it is very simple as well. You don’t need to create an account unlike other sites to get started with, and all the rewards are upfront.